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Children's & Youth Ministry

The PURPOSE of Children’s and Youth Ministry at St. Stephen’s Westbourne Park is to help children and young people understand who God is, grow in their relationship with Him, and enjoy being a part of His family.

Our PRIORITES are: developing relationships with children, young people and their families; and providing high-quality programmes and activities that are Bible-based, fun, creative, relevant and age-appropriate.

At St. Stephen’s we believe that children should be seen AND heard!
Parents, you’ll never get “the look” from a member of staff regarding kids making noise because, well, they’re KIDS! However, during service, would you please ensure that your children are, to the best of your/their ability, respecting others as they engage with God…

• Once a month we have a Family Worship service when we’re all in church together.
• The next Sunday is Holy Communion, when the kids are out in their groups for most of the service.
• After that we have Morning Worship, when kids are in for about half the service and out for half.
• Finally we have Family Communion, where kids are in church for a bit, out for their own activities, and then back in for communion.

Kids are free to enjoy the space in church after the service is over, but we discourage running around the musical instruments and beyond the marble steps at the front. Parents, we need your help reinforcing this!

The Sunday Club starts part-way into the service and is announced from the front. If you are visiting, the Sunday Club leaders will show you where to go.

There is a creche area for pre-school children in the Vicar's office

Children's Groups:

Pearls Creche - babies and toddlers accompanied by an adult – meeting in family room.
(Matthew 13 – we know Jesus is meant to be the precious pearl but these little ones are precious too!)

Seedlings Nursery, Reception & Year 1 – meeting in the family room. (Mark 4 – those who have received the word of God and are beginning to grow.)

Searchers Year 2 to Year 7 – meeting in the Hall area.
(Matthew 13 – those who search for what is most precious.)

Builders Year 8+ - meeting in the Church Office

Youth Groups
Fun and faith for young people on Mondays:
5-7.30pm at Tiffany's place for Secondary school students(Years 7+)

New volunteers always welcome!

You DON’T need:
- prior experience

You DO need:
- a relationship with God
- a love for kids
- a willingness to serve
- a desire to learn!

We take the health, safety, and well-being of children very seriously at St. Stephen’s!
- All leaders working with children and young people have met London Diocesan child safety criteria and have been through formal CRB checks;
- All children’s groups will be staffed by at least two people, one of whom will be an approved children’s worker;
- No person under the age of 18 shall be left in charge of children of any age;
- An attendance register will be kept of all children’s activities;
- At all other times, parents/carers are responsible for the safety and security of their children on the premises.

Never hesitate to contact Tiffany or Jeremy with your questions, comments or concerns!

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