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Standards compliance

We believe strongly in the right for all our users to have easy access to our services and information. For this reason all web pages made for our website are written to the XHTML standard, use Cascading Style Sheets for presentation and aim to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Text size

We've made it easy for you to change the size of the text on the website. If the text is too small for you then can change it to a size that you are more comfortable with:

  • In Internet Explorer on PCs, click the View tab in the menu bar and select Text Size. You will find a choice of sizes available to use.
  • In most other browsers, including recent versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer (on Apple Macs), Text Size is renamed Text Zoom.

Keyboard shortcuts

Most web browsers support shortcuts called 'Access keys' that you can use to jump to specific areas of the site. If your browser supports them, press ALT + key (PCs) or CTRL + key (Apple Macs) and then 'Enter' to use.

We use the following standard access keys as defined by the UK Government:

1 - Home page
2 - Main content of this page
8 - Legal
0 - Accessibility statement